The seat-social ITW Dynatec is located near Nashville, Tennessee, United States. ITW Dynatec, one of the world leaders in specialty, manufactures and markets hardware of adhesive glue application.

Our vision of the business is the development and marketing of high technology products, which generate for our customers substantial economic benefits. We market our products in over 40 countries in Asia / Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

Our desire is to partner with sales agents and independent distributors who join forces with us to penetrate four key markets:

  • Packaging
  • Nonwovens
  • The assembly
  • Shaping

Our distributors must have in stock systems and spare parts. They must be organized in order to dedicate one or more commercial equipment melt and be able to ensure electronic and mechanical engineering services. They are forbidden to sell glue systems and parts from competing brands or spare parts markets.

We are looking for partners who have the desire and ability to penetrate their market with boldness and dynamism. ITW Dynatec is ready and eager to work on the penetration of these markets with serious and motivated partners. If you want to pursue the issue with us, thank you for contacting:

Contact US: Contact for France:
Scott Hudanish
Sales and Distributor Manager, Packaging
ITW Dynatec
31 Volunteer Drive
Hendersonville, TN 37075 USA
Tel +1 615 824 3634 Post 618
Philippe Mathieu
Sales Manager
ZI Cross Raville
Cherizy 28500



Nous contacter


ITW Dynatec Tenplus
ZI Cross Raville
28500 Chérisy

Tel: 00 33 (0) 237 625 647

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