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    Quattro ™ Series - Generator glue

    Hot melt generator ITW Challenger ® Quattro Melter (ASU) is a generator designed according to metrics and electronically controlled. The control panel consists of touch sensitive icons and is friendly international. Pipe joints and fixing holes are compatible with models 2300, 3100, 3400, 3500 Nordson ® and generators ProBlue ®.


    ITW Challenger ® generator Quattro Melter is a generator designed according to metrics and controlled electronically. The control panel is controlled by touch sensitive icons and friendly international. The generator uses a Quattro temperature control by microprocessor for controlling the temperature as close to the hot-melt adhesive in the tank and up to four pipes and four heads. The operator selects the setpoint temperature for up to nine heating zones. In addition, the system automatically distributes alerts in case of operator error and fault systems.

    ASU uses a piston pump with constant pressure, extremely reliable. The pneumatic pump ensures a high pressure outlet of the adhesive from an inlet of low pressure compressed air.

    • The temperature control by the microprocessor controls the temperature closer to the melt tank and pipes.
    • Simple commands, user-friendly, icon-driven
    • Substitutes for Nordson ® founders
    • Temperature settings on stand-by to help reduce carbonization adhesives when the unit does not work.
    • Access panels easily removable to allow components fully exposed, thus facilitating maintenance.

    * Note:   Nordson ® is a trademark of Nordson Corporation. St ProBlue ® a trademark of Nordson Corporation.


    Spécifications techniques



    Capacité générateur

    8,5kg (18.7lbs)

    Température de fonctionnement

    40°C-218°C (100°F-425°F)

    Capacité de fusion (par heure)*

    9,1 kg/h (20 lb/hr)

    Débit pompe

    0,87 kg/min (1.92 lb/min)

    Taux de compression pompe à piston


    Zones de sortie tuyaux


    Pression hydraulique de fonctionnement maximale

    9,7 MPa (1400psi) - pompe à piston

    Tolérance de .régulation de température

    ±1°C (±1°F)

    Installation électrique

    200-240 VAC 1-3ph 50/60 Hz

    Installation électrique

    380 VAC 3Phase 50/60 Hz

    Viscosité de fonctionnement

    500-30 000 cps




    Quattro™ Mounting Dimensions

    Hauteur (H)

    51 cm (20 in)

    (A) 5 cm (2 in)

    Longueur (D)

    58 cm (22.8 in)

    (B) 38 cm (15 in)

    Largeur (W)

    35 cm (13.5 in)

    (C) 25 cm (9.8 in)

    Poids (à vide)

    39 kg (86 lbs)



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